Who we are

PROEFP is a permanent project whose aim is to promote financial participation of employees and employee share ownership.

- organises events and conferences
- elaborates case studies and disseminates best practices
- publishes reports and studies
- encourages partnerships
- runs projects, often co-financed by the EU.

PROEFP is a network of organisations representing different typologies of interest: business, labour, social economy, academics and research, consultancy and advocacy. They all share a common idea: economic democracy can make the European free market a more democratic space.

PROEFP led out in 2010 on the initiative of a set of organisations that joined the project the Information and Communication: Promoting Employee Financial Participation in the EU27, co-financed by the European Commission, ended in year 2011.

Today the PROEFP network studies, promotes, encourages all forms of employee financial participation and a larger diffusion of share/equity ownership among employees.

PROEFP is an informal netowrk without a constitution act or an indipendnet budget. It does not produce any income/profit in favour of its participants. It operates through its member organisations. Organisations participate to the network - or to its activities - on voluntary basis.